Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound

If you are looking for scrap metal prices per pound because you plan on selling some your old scrap metal. You should know that recycling scrap metal as well as many other materials has taken over peoples lives as most are trying to save money as well as those looking to raise some too.

Collecting the coupons out of your magazines and looking to buy things when they are on sale are not the only ways to save money and filling in online surveys isn't the best way to be paid fast cash. More and more people are discovering that there is money in scrap metal as the prices per pound being paid by local scrap yards are high. You,like many others probably have lots of scrap metal lying around your home which is worth the same price per pound as anybody else's. Junk cars, soft drink cans, broken appliances, wires and cables are amongst the most likely items of scrap metal you may have.

Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound

Scrap metal including scrap copper, steel, lead, iron and brass items are easy to find and could be worth good money when you have gathered enough of it. It is certainly wise to know the current scrap metal price per pound and what scrap metals you have. As the scrap metal prices per pound being offered will change frequently which makes it useful to research what prices per pound your local scrap yards are paying so you know when you are getting a good deal.

The current scrap metal prices in the USA start at around $0.20 per pound. The price you get will depend on the kind of scrap metal you have and of course it's grade. If you are trying to identify scrap stainless steel which is non ferrous, place a magnet against it and if it sticks the metal in non-ferrous and more than likely to be stainless. The magnet test is a simple way to check if the steel you have is of stainless.

The scrap metal prices in the USA that are available to the public are available on many scrap yards websites although i would advise you call to be sure they are the prices being paid on the day.


The starting price per pound for scrap metal does not sound like a lot but scrap metal collectively can be worth a small fortune. The best examples of scrap metal people have at home are steel are kitchenware, sinks, cutlery and knives, grills, heat sinks in computers, blades, tools, turnings, wires, cars chassis and most major appliances.

Knowing the Price Per Pound of Scrap Metal

Knowing the value of your scrap metal and where scrap metal can be found is helpful in making sure you are paid a good price per pound for your scrap metal in the USA and your contribution recycling is priceless.

If you have a combination scrap metals it may be worth keeping the types of scrap metal like copper, steel, lead, aluminium, brass you have separate in order of getting the best prices per pound from a scrap yard.

The price for scrap metals per pound advertised on scrap yards sites is usually for clean metal with no impurities. Often metals are coated with other metals, plastics etc. Roller shutters made from aluminium can have the aluminium coated with steel. The box the shutter rolls up into usually has a steel rod too.

Scrap metal that is not clean ie has a coat of other metal on it will be bought for lower prices by scrap yards.

Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound