If you are looking for the latest scrap metal prices that are currently being paid by scrap yards across the US in states such as New York, California, Florida, Miami, Georgia and  Alabama you are on the right site. We help people in the USA get the best current price per pound lb for your scrap metal. We are connected with thousands of trusted scrap yards worldwide, many who offer top current scrap metal prices per pound lb. Use our lists by clicking the area you live below or contact us with specific details of your scrap metal and we will contact local scrap yards to find out current scrap metal prices per pound that your local scrap yard is paying on your behalf. 

Scrap yards in the USA will purchase if not all scrap metal types, many types of scrap metal for great prices per pound lb.The types of scrap metal you can sell for top current prices per pound include Scrap Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Lead, Iron, Bronze Nickel, Tin, Zinc etc. Both ferrous and non ferrous metal wanted throughout the USA.


Scrap Metal Type Scrap Metal Prices
Copper$2.45 to $3.67 per Kilo
Mixed Copper$3.06 to $4.28 per Kilo
Copper Wire$0.92 to $1.15 per Kilo
Aluminium$0.12 to $0.92 per Kilo
Aluminium Cans$0.06 to $0.12 each
Clean Brass$0.93 to $1.56 per Kilo
Mixed Brass$1.56 to $2.80 per Kilo
Stainless Steel$0.46 to $1.24 per Kilo
Iron$0.05 to $0.10 per Kilo
Lead$0.55 to $1.24 per Kilo
Car Battery$3.11 to $6.22 each
Mixed Radiators$0.93 to $1.56 per Kilo
Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound lb USA
Scrap Metal Prices USA

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Scrap Metal Recycling Prices USA

There are many benefits to recycling your scrap metal in the US, not only can it make you some cash, it also helps us keep the planet clean in a massive way. The more we recycle the less we need raw materials which is highly beneficial. Scrap metal can be reused time and time again that saves thousands of pounds worth in energy. Not only that, but based scrap yards in the US also help to ensure that our metal using industries have the materials to keep running, without allowing all of that ever so valuable scrap metal ending their lives in a landfill.

Want To Sell Scrap Metal For The Best Current Prices Per Pound?

There are many reasons you may be looking for scrap metal prices, you may want to sell some old metal gathered on your property or you might be a company looking for a higher current scrap metal prices for your scrap. What ever the reason you are searching for scrap metal prices contact us today and we will send you details of your local scrap yards current buying prices per pound.


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All scrap metals bought in the U.S. for top current scrap metal prices per pound lb today.

The most common metals  such as copper, steel, iron, aluminium and lead are very competitively priced at most scrap yards in the United States. For the more rare metals such as Cobalt, Mercury, Tungsten, Beryllium, Bismuth, Gallium, Indium, Cerium, Lithium, Cadmium, Tantalum, Niobium and Zirconium we would advise you to get current prices per pound lb quotes from a few scrap yards by calling them before deciding where to sell your scrap metal. This will help you get the best current prices per pound for your scrap metal.